Novelty lamps/Multifunction light /air purifier/bluetooth speaker

Novelty lamps/Multifunction light /air purifier/bluetooth speaker

Multifunction lamp combine air purifier& humidifier& mood lamp& Aromatherapy lamp& bluetooth spaker lamp

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This is  a lamp!

But it’s not only a lamp!

It’s a humidifer!

It’s an air purifier!

It’s a bluetooth speaker!

It’s an Aromatherapy lamp!

You can use your any remote controller to turn on/off the lamp!

It’s a novelty produts to improve your life quality!

How to work as an air purifier?

  • In the form of washing clean the air around the tiny particles of dust, pollen,smoke,etc. in order to purify the air,but also remove the odor,and create refresh environment.
  • Led indirect lighting and random shaking water curtain is turned on to work at the same time create a comfortable atomosphere,suit for living room,bedroom,office,easy to enjoy the fresh air anytime
  • Aromatherapy with any water for ay flavor oils,can reach 99.9% bactericidal effec, kill K.E.coli floating in the surrounding air, staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa,Salmonella and Legionella.

  • Specification
  • voltage:5V
  • power supply:USB
  • light color:red,green,blue
  • Body color, white,green
  • air purifier area:<10㎡
  • Product size:180*180*171mm
  • with box size:190*190*200mm

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